Doggie Playtime

Green Bay’s LARGEST outdoor pet play area!

Playtime (exercise) is a must for nearly every dog.  Our trained and professional staff will interact with your pet during their stay with unlimited group playtime (restrictions are in place for dogs in need, or if our staff sees it fit)!  Your dog will appreciate the fresh outside air as they play with friends they will meet or play alone if they choose.  Each dog will have the comfort and luxury, next to home.


Over 28,000 sq. ft. of securely fenced in outdoor play area will be sure to keep your pet busy during their stay.  We know the importance of outdoor playtime and understand dogs have the itch to be outdoors so we give them that luxury with our large and unique outdoor “Pooch Playground” and “Woofie Waterpark.”

  • Pooch Playground: Let the kid come out in your dog. Our large indoor and outdoor playareas give ample room for running and exercising.
  • Woofie Waterpark: All soggy dogs wanted. For those sun-bathers and water-lovers, we have a large outdoor bone-shaped pond with a cascading two-tier waterfall for the more daring dogs who don’t mind getting their hair wet. Your dog will be sure to get waterdogged!

Our spacious outdoor play area is large enough to accommodate to each and every guest.  If you prefer your pet to play alone, or with one of our staff members, just let us know upon check-in.



Over 2,000 sq. ft. of indoor play area is heated so your pet will still enjoy unlimited playtime during the harsh Wisconsin winter weather.  The 16′ high vaulted ceilings and glass windows/doors will have the atmosphere of the outdoors.


Ask about our quiet and relaxed Cuddle Care Room!!!

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   **Dogs must have a good temperament and disposition to be allowed in group playtime activities. Dogs will go through a one-on-one introduction to determine playtime eligibility**

**At owners request, we will set time aside for one-on-one play with staff members. We have additional options for playtime if your pet can not, or chooses not to, play with our other guests**

**Breed restrictions do apply for playtime eligibility**

**Male dogs over 1 year of age, that are not neutered, will not be eligible for group playtime. Up to 1 year of age, we have the right to refuse group playtime to un-neutered males, based on their personal behavior.**

Call to make your reservations today:

(920) 337- WAGG (9244)