“Boarding, Grooming, Daycare, and Pet Supplies all under one WOOF”

Wagg Inn Pet Hotel, LLC is De Pere’s first and only “all-inclusive” PET HOTEL.



Rated Five Bones

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Wagg Inn offers a truly unique and luxurious setting to provide the ultimate experience in pet boarding. Unlike traditional kennels, we offer one-of-a-kind custom designed pet suites so your beloved pet will feel comfortable in a home-like setting. There are no bars, kennels or cage door at Wagg Inn Pet Hotel and we believe in personalized attention for each “guest” in our hotel. For that reason, we cater to each guest individually, which makes for a happier stay.

At Wagg Inn Pet Hotel, we spare no detail in ensuring the utmost in your pets comfort, safety, and joy. We believe in one-on-one personal attention, therefore, we only cater to a maximum of 34 guest suites. Most boarding facilities pack in 60-80 or even up to 120 pets per day. (When shopping around, ask how many kennels/rooms they have) As for safety, put your worries aside … CEC Fire & Security has installed a security, temperature and fire system throughout the building to ensure optimal protection for your pet.

The individualized care and attention we give our guests at Wagg Inn allows for a happier pet and the re-assurance to each client that no detail will be overlooked.